Wakayima Goes To School

Wakayima, the legendary Hare, is reknown throughout Uganda as the most cunning animal in the whole land.

All over Africa, from the forests, across the Savannah grassland, up the hills and down the valleys, many  animals have fallen prey to his clever tricks, plots and schemes. 

But what happens when Wakayima the cunning hare enters the world of humans today? What happens when the hare joins one of the leading schools in the area?

Come along and find out. In this series of stories, the hare disguises himself as a schoolboy and sneaks into a Ugandan school.

His plan is to apply his usual cunning to con the children out of their delicious snacks, but it doesn’t take long before things get a bit more complicated…

Follow Wakayima as he tries to fit in with the kids without revealing his secret identity, as he makes friends with the boys and girls, as he faces down challenges and has a few adventures with them.

A new episode will be uploaded every Friday but even if you have joined the party a bit late, no problem. Just start with episode one and work your way up to the latest one.

Visit this page each week for the latest episode which you can download for print your kids, or print and share with your students. 

Don’t miss the adventures of Wakayima at Tropical Hills Academy!

Supported by Kuonyesha Art Fund.