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A collection of PDF ebooks. I am kind of sleepy right now. I can’t come up with a wittier paragraph. But you don’ t need one here. The books are full of them. I was punching like Tyson. Click the pics or the links, download the pdfs, share, tell your freeens, get laid when others see how great and sexy your taste is, and if you have time after all that, tweet me.

Chandler and Frasier Go To War

Chandler & Frasier Vol 1

The local bully tries to mess with Chandler and Frasier. This can only mean one thing: The Sons of Solome are going to war.

The Anita Everything Collection

Anita, the girl from Ggwa, the most remote village in Uganda, who rose to become the most powerful business phenomenon in Bulabira. And she is just getting started

CHandler And Frasier in: My Names I’m Called

Chandler & Frasier Vol 2

What would make a normal African man name his children such names as Chandler and Frasier? And where was their mother during all this? The whole story is here.

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