Chandler And Frasier III: From China With Love

Okay, this is kind of cheating. Let me explain.

I had this Chandler And Frasier story lying around for years. It is not new.

I had tried to self publish a few several years ago, but they came out of the printers looking like — well, I would rather give my work away than try to sell something that looked as crappy as that cheap print-job did.

There is a longer story to this: which involves why there are still four volumes left, but I shall keep that for when we both have the whiskey, the data, the wherewithal and the peace of mind for a long ramble.

But for now, without further ado, Wiggly Nankani Productions Presents, Straight From The Kitchen of Wampisi and Associates Publications,
Chandler and Frasier Vol 3: From China With Love
In which two Kampala teenagers find love, find heartbreak, and find the true meaning of R&B songs

And gimme a tweet or share the link on social media somewhere if you enjoy it.

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