The Anita Everything Ebook Project Vol 1

Good evening Uganda and other regions, I am here to announce a series of announcements.

In the form of announcements about series.

Allow me to present, one two three enta

Anita everything epub, pdf, mobi. All Anita Everything chapters compiled into one ebook. Because I don’t think I will be adding to the series, but I loved Anita so much that I can’t just let her vanish into obscurity.

So here’s the link to the epub.

Download The Anita Everything Collection Here

Or if you prefer a pdf, here you go. You can download it and have it printed if you like, or read it on your mobile device.

It’s not free. There is a price.

I’m going to ask that if you like it, please just follow @AnitaFromGgwa on twitter, or like the page on facebook, and share with someone. Hope you get to love spending time with her as much as I did.

3 thoughts on “The Anita Everything Ebook Project Vol 1

  1. Hello Mr E. Bazanye. I have just read the book and I was hooked up from the word go, not to say, the fact that you are all the author is another hook itself. You inspire many without your knowledge and I am here to say, thank you and keep winning.

    When I grow up, I really want to be like you. God bless you.


  2. Anita is complex to understand, she’s smart but illiterate, she knows more about apps and coding than the average university graduate.
    She references Helen Miller and knows hoe to make a latte.
    She has an intern, a business plan and a dysfunctional relationship with Baz and Big Ssu. Her placement of r and l makes it seem like she is an illiterate munyankole whose tongue is heavy and choosy for certain words. I can’t figure her out so I like her.
    I would watch this as a sitcom with Baz as himself and narrating the plot.


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