Zuri: An Entry-Level Smartphone

Okay, I am going to try and keep this as simple as possible. We have too many gadget reviews that are made like medical texts. For us we know what we want and we know what we don’t want. We don’t want buzabuzaring. So simple and to the point.

Zuri is a Hong Kong smartphone manufacturer who just arrived in East Africa with a series of phones, one of which I got my hands on and shall proceed to tell you about. Here is a sampo.


It is called the C46. She is a simple gal. Not too fancy, not too pricey. I think this is what they refer to as entry-level. I don’t remember because I entered so long ago (I swear. My first phone review was the Ideos. Remember Ideos?) but let us see what it does.


Form. Factor. i.e How sexy?

It is not heavy but it is not light. Light machines make me suspicious. Like why don’t you look the way you feel? Stop lying. Why is there space inside you for cockroaches to breed?
But this kyana is black like beauty is and slim. It sits nicely in back jean pockets, snug and comfy and if kifeesi tries to snatch it you will know.
You probably won’t be able to so anything about it but you will feel it go.
You won’t even be able to tweet. Cos your phone is gone

Both rocker buttons are on the same side, I notice, which means your screenshots will be achieved more easily. When people slander you in whatsapp groups, you can save it with one hand.


This one runs on Android KitKat. 4.4.1. The version of android before the current one, which is Lollipop. Keep up and be in class. Stop cutting lectures.
I had fomo for lollipop. But in the run up to its release so many apps redesigned to fit android’s new a aesthetic approach, what they called “material design”, that by the time Lollipop came along it was like you upgraded all the furniture in your old house and so when you moved to the new place the only difference was the door.


1.3 Ghz Quad core processor and 512 MB RAM which means “don’t worry.”

You know that one guy in the WhatsApp group who replies like five chats after the topic has changed? Like dude was “typing” and nothing came through?
That unfortunate indigent person is in need of more cores in their Ghz to speed up his or her phone’s performance. They are probably running some pathetic slab of jurassic tech with a dual core processor. Shame.
.Quad core is fast but I am not going to say it won’t lag. This is not Ultron. If you have too many apps running at the same time it will lag.
But it is enough for a phone of this price range. If you want, add more money and buy the Zuri octocore phone
Octocore. Octo means eight. With that kind of power I expect to see my Instagram in 3d.


Other stuff

Display is 4 and a half inches, which is right at the sweet spot where you can start playing those tricky games bulungi with adult thumbs. Small screens annoy because first you can’t type, but mostly because you can’t play games on them. This size, however, is what I’m talking about.

Eh camera?

Here. You decide.


Put two sim cards in so when one wife is acting up you can just switch to wife number two. THese days who has only one sim card?


Get a power bank. If you are a heavy user like me you will discharge in like half a day.
But even though. Everyone should have a power bank.