You Can’t Study Law With That Skirt. We Are Too Stupid.

This happened.


The story made the BBC, which as part of the evil Western media conspiracy, will never show the positive side of Africa. As we have all heard.
Now, we are offended by this. I certainly am, and more so than you because I took three offences, that is two more than you.

First of all, I am a leg man. I love those thick curvy Ugandan legs with the hint of dimple midthigh. Thats my issshh, dude. When (not if) I am going to objectify and ogle a woman it’s going to be leg first. That is only one reason why I am a major supporter of the mini skirt.
I am also an environmentalist and the less material used to make a garment the better for the ecosystems. Clean air is good for us all.
Because smog makes it harder to check out the legs.

There are of course feminist objections to the actions of whichever policeogre would refuse one into school if one’s skirt is not as long as deemed necessary, but those will be handled by active feminists, not me. I am usually a passive feminist but today I am not even that. I ran into someone called Misandrist Heroine on Twitter and I don’t feel comfortable being in the same ideology with her. Her name is an implicit threat. I need a safe space and the only one I can think of now is being a casual sexist.

How many women does it take to change a light bulb? Depends. How many just had their nails done?

But the major reason such a ban on entry is objectionable is because it is so stupid. No, not just wrong, misguided, harmful, unfair, or hypocritical,…

But stupid.

It is borne of the lack of will, capacity, talent and skill of thinking properly. You only come to such conclusions as “photons should not come into direct contact with knees” if the mechanisms in your head are too weak to propel thoughts to logical conclusions and so, when launched, they don’t reach. They just fall out of the sky like bird shit. I’ll leave the metaphor there.

Let’s examine this. The word decency.

Now there is something in English called a word. And a word is a thing that has a meaning. The meaning is usually fixed and not open to flexing and twisting; it takes a lot of time and energy to repurpose a word. The word “decent” has not yet achieved what the word “nigga” has.
Even the word “literally” is still hanging on in spite of seemingly everyone on the Internet and their best efforts.

Show common decency. It’s The decent thing to do. If you are decent sort, make a decent effort.
None of these sentences appeals to anyone to adjust their potential to arouse a minister, judge, lawyers or LDC policejackals.

It’s more about the basic minimum amount of kindness, fairness and compassion a human being should expect from another.

These clothing regulations are ironically indecent.

The whole casserole’s stench  bubbles from one noxious ingredient: The idea that sex is obscene.
Which it isn’t. Again, words have their meanings. You can’t apply your stupid to established facts and expect that to change them fwa.
But these people? These ones we see here and I point with my lower lip at them?

They cringe and flee and panic at the thought of sex. It’s a fear. Fear. Boo, here comes Sex!

Aaaaaaaaaagh! Nooooo!

Fear not just of the act of sex, because we have a cunning series of loopholes and excuses called marriage to permit at least some, but fear of the contemplation of it; you can’t say its name, you can’t look it in the eye, you have to always act like it doesn’t even exist.
Which is, again, stupid. Because it does. Always and everywhere. All the time.
Everyone is because of sex, amidst sex, toward sex, and pretending it’s not true doesn’t make it go away.

The ideaology of the fear of sexiness was a fairly recent invention. Search through the cultures of the world and you will find that most civilizations managed to grow in spite of the fact that women and men were always wandering around construction sites with their chests bare, the women with wobbling boobies, the men with chiseled chests.
I don’t just mean Rome and Greece or Aztecs and Mayans.
I mean the pyramids of Egypt, of Sudan, the great Zimbabwe, the ancient marvels of Mali, Axum, Abyssinia, Bunyoro Kitara, Zimbabwe,…

All carried out without blouses.

So when did breasts become obscene? When those Victorian missionaries descended upon us to tell us to abandon our own moral instincts and let them do the thinking instead.
“Everything you do is wrong!” they harrumphed. “Your names? Wrong. Your marital ceremonies? Void! Your rituals? Even the secular ones? Wrong!”
The result is that now I can’t find a parlour to give me a dope tribal scarring to look cool with but I can find tattoos of American swords in skulls all over Kampala.

Meanwhile the England we got these restrictions from has long abandoned them. It’s okay. Nobody is going to refuse you to study law in England on the grounds that others on the premises might like your knees.
Meanwhile we have our smug hunching policetoads grunting at our girls that Victorian standards are eternal and immutable as the laws of physics.
I told you. Stupidity just.

The saddest part of it? Law schools are wall to wall eye candy because of these dress codes. Special lady friend tells me a man in a well-fitting suit is a turn on for her and I don’t mind telling you (and her) that you can ban all the mini skirts you want in the world as long as high-waist pin striped pencil skirts and heels remain within our rights and sights cos gwe…
Anyway, here is a long skirt that can enter LDC for all the training there is.