Who or What Is National ID?

When you go to register for your national ID, because you should, you ingrate, after all Uganda has done for you, there are a few things you should know. Don’t forget the following. Uganda depends on this.


Ministry of Internal Affairs are not going to Photoshop your face for you, so if you want your ID to have a Photoshopped face, Photoshop yourself at home before you go to register.


Ladies, don’t come with a weave. This is a Uganda National ID card. The face on the card has to be Ugandan. Not Ugandan head with Indian hair.

Is it you who bought it? It’s mine!


Take a bath. Not because we will smell the photo but it’s just hygienic. Besides, you will be lining up, it will be hot, you will sweat, just help us.


But there are certain questions:  For example, Will we be required to enter our place of employment? If so, what will Lukwago put? Or should he get two IDs and use the one that applies depending on whether he is mayor or not on that day?

And Besigye. Will he get an ID? Where will he register, who will allow him to go and register? But if he doesn’t register, how will we identify him? If the ID is his identity, and he doesn’t have an ID, that means he will walk around freely and we won’t know who to teargas. Minister, please look into this.