Who Or What Is Anaconda?

Nikki Minaj is from the famous Mayanja music clan, which also features Jose Chameleone aka Joseph Mayanja, AK47 aka Douglas Mayanja, Weasel aka Christoburse Mayanja, Ronald aka Lonadi Mayinja Mayanja, Stecia aka Stecia Really and Tom The Mith Mayanja.

Nikki Minaj was born Nicholas Mayanja but changed her name when her penis was cut off and donated to Radio, who know has two.


Nikki Minaj is famous for owning and operating two enormous bums which are champions in their chosen field of endeavour.



Her right buttcheek is the isnpiration for the movie Pacific Rim. One day a guy was chilling at a cafe on Rodeo Drive on Sunset Boulevard and she walked past to buy a bucket of makeup from the hardware store down the street. The dude goes, “That thing is like a whole other dimension, I swear. I bet it is full of, like, giant dragons and shit. And if they escape they would, like, attack Earth and we would need like giant robots to … oh snap! That would make an awesome movie! Dude, hand me a piece of paper! I need to write this down.” And his buddy answers, “All I have is this napkin and I am using it.” And so, naturally, he says, “Eugh! Man, not in public! Can’t you wait until you are alone?”


Though the other bum, the left one, is the more evil one of the two.

Anaconda is an allusion to her lover’s penis, which eats smaller penises. (plural Peanuts)

Plural of penis is peanuts, thus explaining the song by Fille which is called “Where Have You Been At” but sounds like “Where Are The Peanut?” They are in Radio’s underwear, Fille.

Nikki Minaj was originally categorised as a “hood rat” but after her multi platinum records she upgraded and is currently a “ratchet ho with tacky style”. (International Labour Organisation Report 2013)


Nikki Minaj is better than Lil Kim Lil Kim looks like KCCA demolished a trading centre with her face.

Drake went home crying, a mere shell of his former self, a shadow of the man he used to be, a hollow in place of his heart, after that video, for he knew he would never feel true joy again.


Nikki Minaj has 35 teeth, nine of which have teeth of their own. That’s why she raps like that.


Nikki Minaj is one of the “bitches” Beyoncé commanded nti Bow Down. Chimamanda is not among them. Chimmy to bow for who?

That ass has got to be nuclear powered or something.


If Nikki Minaj sits on the Iron Throne, it’s game over.


Nikki Minaj is probably not coming for Blankets & Wine, but you never know.

Nikki Minaj watched Taswalu on YouTube and said, “Man, this chick doesn’t fear.” Then she sent the two most illiterate members of Young Money to be bodyguards. They don’t have to think. They just have to block punches.