Who or What is 4:44?

Q: Who Or What is 4:44

A: Let’s start at the beginning. You know Jay-Z?

Q: Yeah, he’s the guy who watches Beyonce’s handbag when she has to go to the loo during awards ceremonies.

A: That’s right. He’s her husband. But he is also a musician in his own right, and 4:44 is his latest album.

Q: What is an album?

A: Kyokka Millennials! Well, you know those songs you download one at a time from the internet or hear scattered over the radio? Technically, each one is supposed to be part of a package with ten or more other songs. That package is called an “album”.

Q: Oh. I was here thinking pictures on facebook.

A: So, 4:44 is a concept album of sorts, a collection of introspective, autobiographical and revealing songs that give us a rate and telling glance into the life and times of Shawn Carter. It shows that even despite all the fame and fortune, it is not all paradise. He has problems.

Q: How many?

A: Last time we counted there were just ninety nine. But it seems since he has more money now, the number has increased.

Q: Tell me about this hard knock life of his.

A: Well, he is a billionaire with a very hot wife who hangs out with Obama and flies to Paris whenever he feels like he wants French toast.

Q: Yeah. I can see myself relating to him in a way that will make his autobiographical songs mean something to me. #Sarcasm

A: He has also been known as the best rapper alive for many years.

Q: Does this album consist of the greatest rapping alive?

A: No. Not at all. The rapping here is apalling. I mean, it’s not just mediocre, it is the kind of rapping that mediocre rappers call mediocre. If it was a tape you would want to use it to strangle yourself. If it was a CD you would want to use it to slit your wrists. But since you got it on MP3, you will wish Frank Tumwebaze had cut off your sim card before you messed up and downloaded it. I myself wish Umeme had loadshed me before I could play it. My life is worse.

Q: This is what happens when rappers get old?

A: Please. How come Black Thought and Eminem and Busta and LL are still flames and yet they are also old. It’s what happens when rappers get wack.

Q: Are you a hater?

A: Yes.