When You’ve Got To Go, You’ve Got To Go

You have p robably seen it by now. If you haven’t, you need to get a faceook account. Very useful things, facebook accounts. They give access to all sorts of photographs of women who pooped themselves during MTN marathons.
Sleekandwild reported at Urban Legend that there was indeed a woman in the race whose bowels got away and were lost around Kira Road police station. A commenter confirmed this, and added that this was not an accident. When it happens a second time it’s a habit, and she had already done the same thing previously around Mulago roundabout.
The photo did not show any flying flecks of feces, (fortunately) so there has been some controversy over reports of the events. They say maybe her thong was just itchy.
I think I should show you the photo, but I really don’t want to have that sort of thing on this blog. Okay. Link. Hit this link only if you really really don’t mind.
Now, apparently, this sort of thing, the marathon runs, if you will, are not that rare or strange. A number of websites, including this one, tell us:
Scientific surveys reveal that up to 30 per cent of all runners suffer from abdominal cramping at one time or another, 50 per cent feel an occasional urge to defecate, 30 per cent actually have to defecate, and 25 per cent experience diarrhoea during or shortly after races.