What’s Been Up: Muwawa Club



I have not been quite, I have been quite talkative. The pleasure, honour, priviledge of working alongside some of the funniest comics in Uganda is what has been up.

A TV show I wrote was picked up by my employer, Urban TV, who then made the radical decision to not let me get a host from my shortlist, but to instead throw me in the deep end shark-meat-first and host the thing myself.

And that is how we came to have The Muwawa Club. It’s live every day at four thirty. I sit down with the likes of Daniel Omara, Ghislain Masamba, Conan Tumusiime, Willis Kigenyi, Timothy Nyanzi, Dickens Perv Machette and a lot of other hilarious people who you may not have heard of before and we make a mockery of the traditional Current Affairs Discussion show format.

Now that I find myself producing, hosting, and editing the show I have been consumed, and that’s what’s been up.

But I would like you to see the show. If you haven’t yet. Here is a youtube of it.

Starring Ghislain Masamba and Darlyne Komukama. Camera and Direction by Farouk Sekakozi.