What’s Been Up, Man?

Does this make any sense any other way? Do we really think that Barack Obama is so impressed by a drug dealer who evaded arrest and conviction and instead went on to earn millions of dollars bragging about it that he had to meet him and shake his hand?

More likely neither Obama nor his people have ever heard a full Jay-Z song. They just know that he is a popular musician who they can use to cuddle up with the trendies and the “youth”?


Seriously, if Barack ever actually listened he will be in for a shock. Kale, Mos and Kweli are left outside the white house meanwhile…


In other news, We are still here. Reports of this website’s demise were premature and exaggerated. We are still on the knob #rastarob and all the space is here to frolic wildly in, throwing mad vignettes, rumbunctious anecdotes, feral aphorism and whatever other tautology I can come up with before my coffee makes me coherent again.


Today’s special feature is from the boy Balamaga, who I know personally as Carlos, or Alex or Rogers, but not as Balls, but who you should know as Counsel. He brought you the Things They Haven’t Told You About Studying Law


and today he has this:

That’s when I concluded he wasn’t good company to keep. The kind of moron who would tell an excited 5 year old kid that rats neither have money nor use for human teeth. I hated that bastard, mostly because he voluntarily obliged himself to confirm my fears, and he did it brutally. Now it’s coming to pass, just the way he said it. And much as I hate to admit it, he was right.

Rich First, Famous Later, the new release from Rogers Alex Carlos Balamaga. Read it here, folks.

In other news, I rained on Kenya via Urban Legend and Crazy Nairobian. If you would like to take a look. It’s called What Ugandans THink About Kenyans and it is all true.


Now, you guys, it’s Friday and I have to go and do my other job. These drugs, as we always say, won’t deal themselves. See you on the other side.