What’s Been Up: From the Underground to The Indie Circuit

I think I am moving from the underground to the indie scene. After blogging or scribbing my short stories, I have had a few of them published in other people’s lit-zines. I just had my fifth story put up by another site: This is the Kalahari Review, which is really cool. They put up LHR to EBB.


You can’t go home again. You never can. Because every day you are away, home moves further back from where you left it.

You can have your small cargo of Samsonite bags wound tight and tagged at Heathrow. You can watch them with suspicion as the broad-shouldered man in the uniform grabs first one, then another and then whisks them off into the secret airport cargo hold. You may not trust their secrets, but there is nothing you can do to stop the bags vanishing. You will turn the suspicion of your gaze to the woman at the ticket counter who shall parry it away by smiling a very pretty smile and observing that you have very little luggage for a person with a British passport and a one-way ticket to Africa.

The rest of the story at Kalahari Review is here


I also had my story, A Favour For A Friend, published by Runningoutofink.com, which was a great zine. Unfortunately, they are shutting down in October.

Eclectica.org were the first to ever run a story of mine (You Never Learn, in 2010). They ran me a second time this year, with my story, Halfamam.

If you are still with me after all those links, I have one more. From Africa Book Club picked up Brother Armand’s Apostasy.

I’m still effing around at Neverman (the name can’t be changed, but it was supposed to mean something when I started it. Now it just sits there sounding like a blog called “Neverman”) and still working on more stories. If you like them please tell someone, link me, share me, or just read.

Now, let me get back to writing jokes. That’s what I’m paid for. Not these stories.