What’s Been Up

A lot.

This site has been unupdated for all this time but it’s not like I haven’t been working. I have been working. Like… Okay, I am out of metaphors. I recently discovered a new brand of satchet capucchino which is faithless and full of lies. It gives you a twenty-minute boost and then dumps you into a two-hour crash. For two hours I feel like I might as well have stayed in bed. No, stayed in the womb. No, stayed in the nutsack because I am barely coherent now. Just so sleepy.

Because I am also tired.

Because, and this is the point I was trying to make, lately I have been working every single minute — except the ones when the coffee crash has rendered me useless to myself and the world around me.

Among the things I have been doing is working on a new story. Remember the stories of the Cunning Hare Sungura, or Wakayima? Yes. I took a stab. Going to post it here.



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Another thing I have been busy with is this: Random Chaps is a podcast Rudende Nkurunziza and I record every week where we talk about the issues of the week, such as who took Desire Luzinda’s clothes and what to do now that there are officially one million more Ugandan women than men.

This is the latest one.

And these are the ones before.


You should be able to download them if you go straight to the soundcloud site. Or, direct download links below.


Right-click on these blue words and click save as. Random Chaps 3


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See you soon. Love ya.