What’s Been Up

It’s almost been two weeks without an update around here. As if I did not swear on the leaking skull of my most recent rival that never shall a fortnight pass without words posted.

Well, as the headline suggests, I’ve been busy.

First of all, I got another short story published. This time it was in competition and though I didn’t win (Winifred Karungi did) I placed, and you can find my story here. Click for the rest after the excerpt please.


Beneath the earth there is rock and beneath the rock there is water and beneath the water there is something unknown, something violent and furious and unknown, that is no friend of living things. And when it stirs, the rock and water and earth fall away, and we die.

The first earthquake on record coincided with the arrival of the first White Fathers so it could have been a sign that the newcomers and their new god were not welcome. But the fathers were shrewd, so it became a sign that the judgment of their God was nigh.

That was then. Nowadays it was Father Anatole and Brother Armand who keep the faith.

This is a people who live in a valley just at the end of a mountain slope. They grow food and keep livestock. It is the 21st century so they are poor. Their health is precarious and their education scanty, their feet are rough and large and their skins hard. They gather themselves at night in low thatched huts at the bottom of the slope and these are their lives, a small huddle of thatch under a mountain.

When the things that happen, the things that afflict the poor, Brother Armand and Father Anatole are called in.  Read on here at Africabookclub.com


Also, I have been part of XAM, the freaking funniest I swear it the funniest human radio morning show ever in history of hilarity! Siima, Rudende and Libolo every morning. You think all that awesome comes easy, it doesn’t. There’s work, called “prep” and I have been priviledged to have them use some of my material.

I am going to see if I can embed the segment I wrote here: XAM Wedding 19 09 13 . Just Click the link, it takes you to another page, right-click that thing there and save link/file to your desktop or phone.

Basically, if you contributed to the wedding budget, you want your money’s worth.

94.8FM every morning people.