What’s Been Up


Quite a bit actually. I was in Lake Bunyonyi recently, on New Vision work. While there I ate Crayfish (which look gross, but taste decent, in spite of that) and visited a day school where the kids canoe every morning and evening from home to class. It was a charming experience. This photo is from the P7 classroom. This is the view of from the windows while they are supposed to be studying.



And this is what the stubborn students do to the back wall of the class for Chiromo.


I also had a story of mine featured in Eclectica, which is one of my favourite short story sites. If I may gush, it is the site that introduced me to Jerry Budinski, who was awesome. When I am done promoting my own work, remind me to promote his. This is the story of mine that they ran.


While we were talking about books and stories, a discussion at Saraba mag was going on about what African writers should do with the internet and its open arms, vis the traditional publishing industry and its short, skinny, almost non-existent ones. I weighed in at Saraba with what now sounds almost like a sermon. Not that I don’t believe every word I said. It’s here.


What. I can be serious, too, you know. Not everything is for joking joking.