What’s Been Up

The thing with blogs, even if they disguise themselves with “dot com” instead of “dot wordpress dot com” and even if the reference to that disguise is made without periods due to ain’t nobody gatting time for that because they are typing in a rush is that they look emptiest when their writer is busiest. It would sound like I have been idle, neglecting this place, but you would be surprised.

I have been typing my ass off all over the internet. I barely have the energy left to render URLs with the proper punctuation.

There is this furious diatribe I spat out with all the bile in my heart, denouncing as charlatans, slavers, profaners and cads all publishing companies in the world. Okay, that is not what happened. It was just some thoughts about whether Ugandan literature needed publishing corporations to validate it. It’s here.


…the art of language has only been put onto paper and sold by a company for a couple hundred years, out of all these millennia. So why do we act like that is the only way the language arts work or as if the only way for poetry or literature to be validated is if a businessman decides that he can find somebody to sell it to? The business of publishing has brought us readers some great work, but that does not negate the one fundamental weakness it has always had, which is that it is removed from the purity of the transaction between the artist and the audience. The actual transactions here are between the artist and the publisher, and then between the publisher and his customer.



And to put my lack of money where my organs of utterance were (in this case, fingers, not mouths. Mouth was doing something else) I revisited an old blog that I had neglected. Now, because I earn my living here, being vastly entertaining or attempting to be so I have never told you about the other stuff. I could call it my indie side project, but to be honest, that is the main gig. This one is the one that pays the bills, but that is the main gig.

It is called The Bottle’s Empty And There’s Nothing Left and that is its title for now. (This will change. They always do).

Then of course, there is the usual. Bad Idea occasionally appears on the Vision website. As it did here.

And there is ULK, which you should see.