What’s Been Up

“Yo, Baz, baby, what’s bin happnin ?” asked concerned parties with accents.

“Not’n. Just me chillin and shit. Writin’ things and stuff, you know how we do,” I replied, also in an accent. I don’t like to feel left out.

“Whatchoo bin writin’?” the inquiry proceeded and I went on to reply in … well, you may not belive me, but I assure you this is true. I actually did do this. I replied by speaking out internet links. I am one of only fourteen people in the whole world who can do this.

I said:

Up at Urban Legend there is the first ever report on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the Ugandan version of the game show where intelligence is rewarded with money, and being daft is also rewarded, only with less money.

Bad Idea is based on a true story. I was not lying this time.

The Off Beat Awards for February are almost here in your City Beat Magazine, so if you wonder what the freakingheck those are, here’s one from the archives.

And finally, no post that is about nothing but myself and what I write professionally would be complete without me mentioning that The Adventures Of Chandler And Fraiser is now available at one more outlet. I’ve got The Haven now, in addition to Mokka Terrace and Fareed’s Bookstore.