What’s Been Up

Okay, let’s see now. The current Bad Idea is up. It is about the ravages of time or something like that.

You are still cursing, mostly because you are broke as hell, but also probably because there are worse things about the first month of the year than just the bitter fangs of biting poverty. There is the fact that 28 times a day somebody is going to walk up to you and ask, with a broad grin on their face, “So, how is the new year?”

The last thing I did at Urban Legend before the whole band went crazy and we ended up having an actual meeting during which we discussed actual business like WTF. Who Or What is The Premier League

The Barclays Premier League, currently ongoing, is a source of excitement and joy to many television viewers in Uganda, a lot of whom actually understand what it is about and are not just there to go with the flow.