What’s Been Up?

Christmas was lovely. I left you Kampala thugs and went to the village where people are civilised and don’t say Xmas at me. The whole holiday was awesome. Family rocks.

And now I’m back. To be evil, wicked, ruthless and without remorse for all the innocents that will fall in my wake.

Zari, go ahead. Do something. Anything. Make my day.

What’s been up is, Random Chaps is up every week. That’s me and Rudende Nkurunziza, aka Rudende from XFM and various other broadcast venues. We make funny podcasts. You can find them on the Random Chaps soundcloud page, but I’m going to plug my own right now.

Random Chaps feat Emboko. Summer’s Over


Also, hey, did you ever read that nigga Bazanye’s book The Adventures of Chandler and Frasier? It’s up on scribd for free. Like, Black Bosco. Click download and if you lol, you owe me a retweet, a link and a share. Oh, let me actually just post the official pledge here.

The Adventures of Chandler and Frasier


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