What Little-Used Emojis Mean (or Should Mean)

We are familiar with the monkeys, the red-dress flamenco dancer, the eyes staring to the left and of course, the chocolate ice-cream. These get regular employment in our chats, tweets and various internet communications. But the designers of this new alphabet made several more emojis, a lot of which we don’t use. Why not? Because we don’t need them or because we don’t know that we need them because we don’t know what they mean?

The latter. When you are finished with this exhaustive emoji dictionary you will find that you have been in dire need of these symbols all along.

Follow and see.





32F8E85000000578-3530101-image-m-69_1460124211262 I am confident because my deodorant is so strong!




you love pussy? Pussy loves you back.

.a5ff4f25547250223bfb3e9037c2f8ff (1) Invasion of personal space



4e31570fe7ebe2b4ca413df3d0c64760. Sign for a person who just bes there and doesn’t do anything. Just bes there.


ios_emoji_baby Remember that night nine months ago? Yeah, we need to talk.


pp,220x200-pad,220x200,ffffff.u1Real recognize real so you must not be from around here.

68623c0492821337c77964e9fab7afa5. Break yourself bitch! Wesssssyde!!!

32337cd3ec20cdce69d190f1e30692e1. Brb. Let. Me chill this chat and I answer this phone call. I don’t know whom it is from but judging from. The fact that it is a landline I am going to guess it’s 1998 calling.


e6380e868d5f98aa9e4734fd47a29f7f (1)

You have a such a small penis that your dick pic would fit on a floppy.


6ae093fa5e5bee127b0bd85af5f774e5 beb687d89866c6ae65094dd57f734424

You type like a radio presenter faking an accent


fdead91f940eba8cb1e88be186125733 I hate that song

84d69f10f176ce4862c48d956c38e403 Shut up when grown ups are talking. Go and nyunyu your milk.



.First pull the rabbit out of your vagina so you can calm down.
(or just say “wanker” if you are addressing a guy who won’t get it)

d69bf7a1adce487faec938ceb29ba95a f06e4e0869b2cefd2101873ee66de8d8

I see someone paid for school but forgot to buy class


d1f55cc66128be814f67ceb8643d386cSorry. Too busy dealing with my own shit to take on yours

.494ea93d8884b1ef5713d513fc12bf65 poop

I see you are trying hard to to make a point, but you lack facts, logic, intelligence and the mental wherewithal. Give up.




 You are not brave, making threats while hiding behind a fake twitter handle.