What’s Been Up

The Vision Group, my employers, have a website where they occasionally, if the mood strikes right, post stories they published in print the Sunday before. The mood struck right last Sunday, so we have the very informative investigative piece I wrote about why teachers are such bastards, I hope it opens old wounds and makes you run crying to your psychiatrist.
And this week’s Bad Idea if you are so inclined.
Now, a drumroll. You know her as Mildred, I call her Red Sonja, her enemies know her as Ms Kyrte, a name so fearsome they can’t even pronounce it. She wrote this:
There’s a theory that alleges that dreadlocks aren’t really hair. They’re what brilliance looks like when it’s exposed to air.
…in Plan B this Sunday. If you find a copy of the paper, probably dangling out of the hands of a newspaper vendor, grab it from him and read it. Then either toss money at him (if you are a snob) or give him a peck (if you have love for the common man).
The Fast Five: that’s Erique, Sleek, Streets, Ivan and I, we drive vroom fast and crash into walls then emerge unscathed but hilarious from the explosions. We are doing things at Urban Legend here. Check it out.
This Saturday is Free Hugs day. I am  not making this up. Piff Uganda are giving out free hugs at Garden City. If I were you, I would be there.
Are you going to have a great weekend? I sincerely hope so.