We Will Take Care Of It

The Great Kagame, Ruler of Rwanda, has issued a bloodcurdling threat to all that dare oppose him.


“Anyone who betrays our cause or wishes our people ill will fall victim. What remains to be seen is how you fall victim,” Mr Kagame said. That’s from the BBC


It happened last week and we suddenly noticed just how much he looks likes a Disney cartoon villain.


This happened after the mysterious murder in South Africa of a vocal opponent of his regime. The Rwanda government says they are not responsible, of course. Maybe that rope was just there and he was careless and he tripped over it by the neck. They deny any part in his death.

However it’s not a thing to inspire confidence if your foe is murdered and right after you deny killing him you say, “But nobody better fuck around with me again.”



However, okay, we do see the need to send a message to your opponents when you are a dictator. You can’t have them think that just because you denied this assassination that means you won’t do anything if they get fresh.

I think @KagamePaul should have chosen better words.

Like euphemise. All the cartoon villains know the value of a good euphemism. The garbage shall be taken out. What you reap we shall have you sow. The violins shall play them a special tune Etc.

He uses a string of euphemisms. Enemies of Rwanda will be dealt with appropriately. The garbage that threatens Rwanda shall be taken out. The stains that soil the fabric of the revolution shall be bleached away. The software that corrupts the hard drive of Rwanda shall be un-installed. The facebook account that pokes the nation of Rwanda shall be unfriended. 

The sunglasses that are worn inside the nightclub of Rwanda shall be removed from fashion. The cockroach that crawls over the floor of Rwanda’s living room will be stomp… wait. Don’t use that last one. …..