We Want A Mayor

Elias Lukwago is out of office again. Isn’t that just heartbreaking? No it’s not? Nara fucks to give?

But this is a modern city, dammit. We have to have a mayor. We are running around like a chicken without a hat.

No, we have a head. Jenny Musisi is the head. It’s the hat that’s missing.

Because the mayor’s is a ceremonial position You don’t really do much.

You may… (geddit?) but you can’t.

Since it is a ceremonial position, it doesn’t realy matter who does it, so we can have anyone.

These are the nominees we came up with when we finally stopped kidding ourselves about Elias Lukwago.
Golola Moses (Of Uganda): It will keep him out of the ring and keep him talking, and face it, he is more entertaining talking than getting his ass whipped by Hungarians.

Zari: She needs a real job. She needs to move from being famous and useless as a hobby, to being famous and useless as a job. Let’s make her mayor.

Olara Otunnu: It would be good to have a member of the opposition here, and Olara Otunnu is the least threatening opposition figure in Uganda. Look at his shirt. The black and white stripes can’t even oppose each other properly, they just look so peaceful coexisting.

Dorcas Inzikuru: It is about time she came out and ran for something. Run for mayor.