Ugandans Kids Making Robots. Be Very Excited



Nodesix is the company that hosts this website you see here. They are excellent at hosting this site, evidence of which is the fact that the site runs even though I don’t know jack about running sites. Yet, behold, it is still here. My ignorance is no match for the Nodesix machine.

It was founded and led by a man who even the haters will admit is a freaking visionary and one of the most remarkable Ugandans I have met (and I have met plenty) Solomon Benge King. I shall stop the exposition here. There is a thin line between the recognition of game and outright nuggu and I am close to it.

The news here is that SK is leaving Nodesix to focus on Fundibots. This is where you should be getting close to the edge of your seat.

While people are moaning about the fall of indigenous industry and the lack of government investment in local business and how we all buy mivumba instead of paying our taxes so Nytil can provide un-competitive garments which at least come adorned with patriotism, others, namely me, smirk and say, “See these ones.” We don’t say it out loud because we don’t need to. We don’t need to tell you that progress is inevitable. History will march forward. That is its default setting. Unless there is something in the way, it will move forward.

The steps will be in tourism, in finance trading manouvers and innovations too arcane for facebook outragearati to even comprehend, in new internet ideas, in new art and entertainment models, in service industries as yet undreamed and in robots.

Yes, new art and entertainment. In 1995 being a musician was a waste of time. Now do you know how much these album launches cost? Not how much they earn, how much they cost. As in how much money OTHER people make from them. How much is earned by cooks, costumers, landlords, transporters, farmers, tecnhicians… people who would not have earned that money if it wasn’t for Rayjoe and Weasel bomboclart riddims. In 1995 no one ever thought they would send their kids to school because of music. Now there is a guy who sends his kids to school by carrying and cleaning EV speakers.

And robots. Solomon King is leaving nodesix to focus on FundiBots, an organization that teaches kids how to make robots.


Aren’t you excited yet? We are looking at a generation that is going to enter the Ugandan marketplace when they grew up making robots.

Picture what the mind of such a kid will be like. He or she is already used to thinking creatively, they are not fettered by the traditional barriers to imagination that stop the rest of us from figuring out the solutions to our problems; they have already been used to thinking in a field that is new and open, they already know that anything is possible. A chap was an African third world kid who built robots. Do you think a person who has been to that mindspace will fail to innovate, imagine, create and solve in any circumstance you place them in?

Progress happens naturally. As long as you remove the obstacles in its way. One of the obstacles that we see every day in Uganda is that traditional mindset, the idea that things have to be done a certain way and the refusal to even countenance any other method.

Now, if Fundibots makes an automaton industry based in Uganda that will be cool. Daunting, but cool.

But hell, that’s not what I am excited about. Kids who make robots. That’s how you take over the world.


*By the way, I know that Cyborg Superman is not a robot, but he looks awesome on the post.