They Day Beyonce Did Not Sing



Beyonce apparently didn’t sing at the Inaguration Ceremony. She just took the stage, opened her mouth and lip-synched.

Or “mimed”, as it is called in Uganda.

Or “didn’t really do anything” it is also called, because no matter how much applause you got at your school talent show, miming is not a talent. It is not. Singing is a talent. Pretending to sing is just pretending to have a talent. Pretending means it is not real.

I don’t know if people should be offended by this, because, well, it’s not like it was a Beyonce concert and they had paid for tickets to hear her sing. If Obama had mimed his swearing in speech, that would have been cause for concern, but this was just Beybey lip-synching to a song she had recorded beforehand. Technically, you cannot say she didn’t sing. She just didn’t sing it on stage.

There are worse things that could happen. Like

  • Jay-Z singing the national anthem.
  • Beyonce singing the national anthem live and forgetting the words.
  • And then trying to fill in the gaps with her former hits… “Um… all the nation, independent, throw your hands up at me…”
  • “Can you pay my bills, keep paying my automobills, or is the deficit too high…”
  • Beyonce singing the national anthem at Mitt Rommney’s inauguration
  • Captain Dolla singing the national anthem.