There Was An Old Lady

First of all let me start by saying I am not one of those who think the moral fabric of society is now drenched in odure and that its threads have been rent asunder by this apocalyptic event, i.e. a 75-year-old woman going on a dating show.

For the benefit of those just joining us, here is the catch-up. The celebrity of the week in Uganda is Ms Mary Nalule, a woman who appeared on Bukedde TV’s Abanoonya show, which is about looking for lovers, and asked if there is any white man out there interested in her goodies which, she went so far as to assure prospective bidders, were not yet past date.
She said she would be willing to take into consideration the proposals of those who met a number of specifications, among them, puzzlingly, being a “silver”. Then the video ended and Nalule went on to national infamy.

Here’s the video.



Now, I am not one of those who are going to judge her or condemn her. She is a grown up who isn’t hurting anyone; her only crime is having been unlucky in love all her life. She’s not a child who can’t make the decisions. So I will not condemn her.

However, I will talk shit. After all, she’s not a child. She went on TV when she was 75 and she thought there would be no jokes?

We are already mixing up her iPod playlist.


  • Found Love In A Hopeless Place
  • When did Mary Nalule’s first realised she liked white men? When she saw when she saw John Speke as he arrived to colonise Uganda.
  • Why didn’t Mary Nalule’s children stop her from going on the show? They were busy lining up to get their retirement packages from NSSF.
  •  What’s Playing On Mary Nalule’s iPod?: It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over
  • What’s Playing on Mary Nalule’s iPod?: Don’t Call Me Baby
  • Don’t call Nalule “that Bukedde bird”. She’s more of a pterodactyl.
And finally,
  • What’s not playing on  Mary Nalule’s iPod? This song.