The Main Ugandans No. 465: Mun*G (Or Mun-G, MunG, Mun’G and Mun.G)


Sometimes his name is written as Mun*G, so let us get the most important question out of the way. Who or what is that thing before the G?

It’s either a parasite, or an alphabetical asshole. I am not sure. And I have neither the plane ticket nor the will to find out for sure.



A guy who makes songs where the verses are composed of the sort of chanting that other people would use for choruses. For example.

It works great. It has made him a popular star who continues to propser in this Uganda. His unique style has been influential in shaping modern pop music, to the point where even Americans who are Texas bammas have adopted his lyrical techniques.

Say Swear that Formation could not have been written by MunG.

Also influential linguist, having led a resurgence of the use of the terms like “gwecwi” which have no linguistic currency until said over a funky beat. Now my neighbour’s kid says gwecwi. And he is not a smart kid. He doesn’t know things.



Tiny dreadlocks that look like narrow black streams of brains trying to flee out of the oblongata to freedom of the open air. I imagine that Mun G is a crazy person, the type of guy who has many insane things going on in his head. I don’t kunenya him that, being quite a crazy person myself, but I had never seen one who is so bonkers, whose thoughts are so mad, that they actually try to escape.
No wonder he comes up with words like gwecwi.


No wonder he comes up with words like gwecwi. While the most I can do is kunenya.

What was that word of Sheebah’s again, from Twesana? Kunamami kosteyo?


Anyway, we should also comment on Mun G’s eyes. They are very inconsistent eyes. They do not look at the same thing for more than a second. The corneas are always quivering about. As if he is trying to ogle all his video vixens at once. I think one will fall out one day during a show. It will roll off stage into the crowd and someone will accidentally swallow it.

Like gwecwii!


Lyrical Content

  • Tonight I wanna Dance
  • Having a good time

He does not sing about issues, like politics or whatever.


We have forgiven him. Don’t bring that up. When you forgive you forgive and forget.


Social Significance

This dude is like some local brew man. It is so infectious. Have you ever seen a person drink only one kaleku of mwenge bigere? No. You get another one. Similarly you cannot have just one Mun G song. You will like that one, then like the next one, then like the one after that. Eh. Don’t boycott Mungyi. He is too funky. Gwecwii! Sejusa! In fact more him on what he is drinking, which is mwenge bigere.

Enjoy some Mun+G music here with your data bundle.


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