So Tonight I’m Cleanin’ Out Ma Classit

I know I know. I paid all this money at a time when inflation was rising towards thirty percent and then I just upped and left, abandoning all this pricey web real estate, leaving it to just sit there, unupdated, unread, unwritten, unuploaded with amusing gifs from the many internet sites that teach the business of making amusing gifs.

And the stupid thing is the URL is published at the bottom of my column every week. I can just imagine the number of people (three or three and a half—the half being because dude was high) who come to the site after reading Bad Idea only to find that they wasted all those valuable bites of their internet bundle on a site that is never updated.

I should apologise.

I'm sorry mama

But if there was a more useless word than sorry it would be the word shit. Words must be backed up with action and words like “sorry” must be followed by contrition and a commitment by the perpetrator of whatever foul deed necessitated the apology to turn from his or, where applicable, her evil ways and stride into the light.

So here we go. For real for real this time. Three  updates a week.

You watch and see.