Run This Town: How I Stopped Being Lazy

Last time we spoke about health and fitness we decided that it was time for me to stop being a constituent piece of the sofa set and get some exercise into my life.


To this end I got a pair of running shoes.

resized shoe

Before I tell you about the shoes, I believe they deserve a run-up. So to speak. Heh.

I have been doing a lot to keep filthy, poisonous, crud from my internal organs. I cut down sugar and red meat, I asked soda to completely fuck off, I drink so much water now that I kind of expect an Amama-sized bill from NWSC (I don’t buy mineral water. If you want to rip me off with overpriced bottles, put some alcohol in them first.) Oh, and I also put beer on the sidelines for at least a while.

No beer? Are you sure? I be advertising it, you know?
No beer? Are you sure? I be advertising it, you know?

Not only has this brought me closer to the goal of not having to buy new jeans because I can, once again, fit in my old ones, but I actually feel pretty good. I feel clean, and pure, and though I do, well, fart more, that is a cleansing fart. Better out than in.


Then came the excercise.


I got personal fitness consultation from the boss of Fitclique Africa itself. Check them out here.


And, on her advice, I have began to pace myself into a running routine.

First of all, it makes me feel cool to run. I have these shoes that look like I am about to become a superhero.

resized shoe

Secondly, music sounds way way better when you are playing it through headphones while running. I had forgotten how good Outkast sounded was until I started jogging.


The shoes, the shoes, it’s gotta be the shoes! (Twenty points if you are old enough to get that ref) It feels like my feet are encased in motivation and courage and vitality. I tried to walk in these shoes over the weekend. I ended up running. It’s magic.

It is working. I am healthier. And it feels good.

I am going to keep doing it until I am drop dead sexy again. Watch out.


And now a word from Ms Apenyo,


FitcliqueAfrica is this social enterprise that my feisty friend Apenyo started as if in jokes. They open women’s gyms and teach personal safety (also known as badidity) to women in universities and those who live and work in high risk areas. Their gyms in Bugoloobi and Bukoto offer yoga, dance, kick boxing, strength training. To join, call 0755348988/ 0794406772.  Like them on facebook for updated information here