Robots. In Uganda. I Swear.

I remember Transformers II: Legend of The Fallen as the ultimate proof of the coolness of robots. This movie took the case and nailed it to the ground with force that cannot be contested: Robots are cool. Let me explain.

This movie, Transformers II: Revenge of The Fallen had the following salient characteristics.

a)      Bullshit acting

b)      Pointless story

c)       A title that is so long and mealy-mouthed I can’t even bother to cross-check and see if I have been consistent in mentioning it

d)      An extended scene of robots just being on the screen doing robot things, a scene so jumbled and inexplicable that after the first five minutes, I even gave up trying to remember which robot was fighting for which side and just looked, merely looked, not even watching any  more, just looking, because it was all so pointless that I really could not do anything with it but look.

Without the fourth quality, this would have been a completely bollocks movie and no one would ever mention Transformers in polite society again. And yet here we are, in 2011, on the verge of a third Transformers movie. This shows that robots are cool. Period. Not even bullshit Hollywood acting can change that.

Now, let me show you just how cool. Robots, people, in Uganda. Coming soon. And not just to be ridiculous in a movie. They are coming to save this country.

Jokes aside, I keep telling you that Uganda is going to do incredible things; Africa is going to be a place that will be crucial to history. We are going to be pivotal, central, vital even once the next generation of us get their hands on the right tools. And it’s already beginning to happen. Right here in Uganda, an organization called Fundi Bots is teaching Ugandan kids to make Robots.
I shit you not. Click this and see.

Just a small taste

Fundibots. The man is making robots, I swear. Freaking Robots. In Uganda.