Review: Comedy Files Weekly LOLS and LMFAO and ROTFLMAO and NNN

But how arrogant are you, Bazanye? Just how arrogant are you? You think you can just go and do? You, a writer, wants to write a review of a comedy show? Are you crazy?


But if the review is not as funny as the comedy, will you not have lost?

It’s not a competition, dawg.

It’s a challenge. See, I cannot exactly show you how funny Comedy Files, that coterie of comics, that horde or humourists, that firm of funny-folk actually is. Because that will require repeating the jokes. And we all know, having that roomie, workmate, or father who always trying to tell us why they love Katt Williams, retelling a stand up comedian’s joke does not just deflate it, remove it’s colour, drain its energy, or banish its flavour.

Retelling a stand up comedian’s joke cuts its balls off.

You wend up presenting a eunuch joke.

Jokes need balls, man!


Basic Rundown

Comedy Files kind of like a Wu Tang Clan, or a TDE or an LA Clippers or an Avengers of making jokes on a stage. They perform at Theatre La Bonita, which is also, incidentally, and through no fault of anybody’s, the venue of Ebonies plays. However, if you organise your schedule carefully, this should not be a problem.


This week’s Comedy Files show included Ssebakigye, Omara, Cotilda and Bobi Wine.


Other performers also existed but I don’t remember their names due to my Internet Attention Deficit Disorder, a condition you will also develop soon if you keep reading blogs all the time. But let us finish before you go and try to save what is left of your mind.


Music videos, a lot of them, began the show. Winnie Nwagi on a big screen is even more… more Nwagi. From here to there, all purple Nwagi.


Then the show began



Ssebakigye performs in Luganda. You tend to think of Luganda comics being clowns, dikuulas, smut-artists and kuwemulists. That is why you need to stop being such a frisky conclusion jumper, shut up and listen for once.


Sseba is a stand up comedian in the classic sense. Like Pryor, Chappelle, CK, Seinfeld sense. Only in a different language.

He was the MC, which means, in comedy show terms, that he does most work. He comes on and does a routine in between other comics, so he released like five singles that night.

Which was almost too much Ssebakigye. I suspect that the only reason we are still alive and not dead from ruptured rib cages is that he didn’t do six sets.



Daniel is not just a personal friend, by the way, he is not merely my homes. He is  a colleague… we used to co-produce his Urban TV show Business Unusual together. This is not name-dropping, I am trying to show you that I already know he is funny. I be on the sofa in the studio while he is filming. I know he is funny.

But I had forgotten.

Omara in close personal proximity is a gun shooting bullets of comedy. On stage he is a megaton bomb exploding and unleashing massive fallout of humourous devastation.

We were in the seats doing that thing where you rock back and fourth on your chair and your laughter has reached that point where your voice goes high-pitched and you can’t even say the word “banange!” You say “Bana…eh! Bana…eh!”

Then you slap your knee.

That’s how funny.




So Cotilda Inapo comes onto stage. Dancing Larakaraka. While wearing high heels. I didn’t think that was easy.But Cotilda does not mind. The same heels stayed on while she proceeded to kick all the ass.

This is the thing that you don’t understand. These people write their jokes, practise, edit and revise, then come on. It looks as if they are just jazzing whatever with the exception that the jazz whatever is massively uproarious. It looks as flawless and natural as if she just woke up and fwa. Like a person dancing a dance that was designed for flat feet and performing it in high heels.

I really wish I could show you videos. Well, actually I can, they are here.


Subscribe to the Comedy Files youtube channel and enjoy, but believe me, that is just a sampo. Being in the auditorium, with your head half full of guinness and a pretty girl like Alinda next to you (Or if you are Alinda, a cute dude like me next to you) it makes it even better.


You have to go and watch them.