Random Chaps Episode 679: MP to TP

As you know, because you live in the internet, and not under a cave, there is a podcast called Random Chaps with me in it, alongside one Rudende, the one Rudende Nkurunziza of XAM fame. We talk shit.

I got an angry inbox message from one Frida Nakiboneka who, after calling me a sideways arsewipe, then a pulsating bumboil, and after that a haemorroid, informed me that when you click the link on facebook the internet won’t let you pass unless you download the app.

So we came up with this plan. In the pic below, there, top right corner (your right, not mine) there is that arrow. Click it and you can download. It is six point five MB.

Now, let me introduce it.

THe most talkshittingest podcast above the equator returns with Baz and Rudy taking on the most pressing issues in current affairs and instead of discussing them, just making jokes about loos and farts and stuff. Download and enjoy and tell your friends to do the same so that we can afford more satchets.