Raid on Radio’s House. Radio Gets Arrested. Here’s What Happened.



For those of you who were planning on catching a Radio and Weasel show this weekend, I’m sorry.

Radio has gone down.

This is from the New Vision:

KAMPALA – It was mayhem Monday morning when police stormed Goodlyfe singer Mowzey Radio’s home in Kizungu-Makindye to arrest him following a bar brawl.

The accounts of what had transpired Sunday night are varying, but what is factual is that the singer and his crew had been drinking at Acacia Avenue based Casablanca bar when all hell broke loose


He joins a growing list illustrious musicians, like Breezy, Weezy, Bieber and BC who have been tossed in. He has been taken into the custody of Uganda national police.

Our forensics team pieced together a report and this is what they say happened: Radio was in a bar being an asshole with an extensive record of annoying and aggravating priors when he encountered one Palasow, another musician, who is both a former collaborator and a former victim of his villainy.

Pallasow, upon seeing Radio on the premises, said to himself, “Vengence! The gods of my village in Masaka have brought me vengeance! I shall now utter violence upon this skinny face and make the mighty wrath of The Mayanjas known. Bomboclart!”

Whereupon, kikonde, axon, mateke.

We understand that following this asswhupping Radio fled the scene, wisely, because you don’t stick around when the wrath of Mayanjas is thundering all over the place, but the unexpected part is that this morning, the police came calling. To arrest the boy who got beaten up.

It is apparently illegal nowadays to get pwned in Cassablanca. Blame the victim.

This is an example of what negative effects American pop music is having on the global community. Solange started this. And now, poor Radio suffers the fallout.

But then it got worse. Because Popo had to go to Radio’s house to arrest him, and it turns out someone had been using Radio’s yard to grow marijuana…