Park You.

In a bid to be more Ugandan, to behave more like my countrymen, to practice our customs and traditions and to express our national character, I decided to bypass the proper channels and find someone inside the company to “hellep me”.

The problem is that the company was Multiplex.

I called very many people asking if there is anyone who has a friend or relative working in Multiplex but I kept coming up dry. Apparently no one knows anyone who works at Multiplex.

Or no one will admit to it.

I kind of understand that. I mean, I wouldn’t flash my business card if I worked there. Multiplex employees probably tell their wives that they work at the city abattoir because that’s what they have to do to save their marriage. Female multiplex employees tell their husbands that they are witches and that they work at a shrine. That’s how you prevent your spouse from taking any steps to try to visit you at work.

Young Multiplex employees must tell their family and friends that they are unemployed. That is IF they have family and friends. I’m assuming most of them have been cast out from the friend’s circle, disowned by the clan.

So I had no choice but to go to the head offices.