No Rest: All Restaurant. #KlaRestaurantWeek is NOW

In the immortal words of Kurt Cobain, Load up on guns and bring your friends. If you don’t know who Kurt Cobain is, nevermind. It’s not extremely relevant to this discussion.
We are here to talk #klaRestaurantWeek. I am even referring to it by the hashtag to ensure compliance. Mujje tulye. Game is on
Now I have a list of all participating kitchens and their participating wares right here. As will you when you click this link.

Let’s look at them and drool together all over our laptops

Casual Dining

These are the ones where you go, in jeans even, and the person you eat with goes back to their own home after because you are just friends and are not trying to get into each others aforementioned jeans. However, there is nothing “just” about the depth and the power and the absolutely immutable strength of your love for each other. What you have is stronger than sex. Friendzone foodies.


The Java Houses, The Cafe Java’s, Ceylon, Endiro, Little Donkey, Piato, Prunes, and those ones.  Look at the list again.


giphy (1)

There you will find food that will ravish your very soul, burgers that will make you sigh the name of saints in heaven and coffee that will make you understand Nirvana lyrics. Seriously, Endiro house blend is so good it would bring Kurt Cobain back.Cobain-Kurt
It. Probably has. I have seen dudes that look like him there many times.
Take your  besties and bffs and core squad members for this one.
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Signature Dining


La Patisserie, Le Chateau, Mediterraneo, Mythos, Yujo, The Lawns…
These are the ones where you don’t just instagram the food, you even do an FB check-in. Boss, you dryclean your clothes before you wear them there.
This is not because you want to be posh and bourgie, because if you want to stay strictly roots, do you, boo boo, no punk no ska, but because it just works as part of the whole experience of fine dining. It makes it just all-round better to dress the part.
Like how I never sign a cheque or a contract without a tie on.
Even Captain America said before you go to war, wear a uniform.
Fine dining is special. It is rumoured that the ticket out of the friend zone is served at such restaurants. I have a buddy who had been zoned by his own wife. Until he took her to Miso. Now she even uses emojis when she texts him. Emojis!