Museveni On Twitter. Activate Trolls

Guys, behave yourselves. The president is on twitter.

And he is not just there to see twitpics of the Kardashian-West baby and get notified every time a new post goes up at, he actually intends to interact with other tweeters. There is an event planned for every fortnight where he will field questions from members of the Ugandan public twittersphere, under the hashtag #askthepresident.

Leaving aside the possibility of confusion if the presidents of Malaysia, Paraguay, Burger King Inc and Latvia also have questions leveled at them on Twitter in that week, let’s get to the real complication here, the pupu in the plot (fast becoming my new favourite saying), which is that Sevo, or rather, Sevo’s twitter team, isn’t going to answer all your questions.

If you ask, “Man, it’s been a minute since you took power. R U thinking of wrapping this whole regime up any time soon?” that is liable to end unanswered.

That’s not the only question that they will not answer, so, because I am that idle, I have complied a few more. The hashtag  #Don’taskthepresident


@KagutaMuseveni: What’s with the hat?

@KagutaMuseveni: Seriously, what’s with the hat, man?

@KagutaMuseveni: Are you an LL Cool J fan? (Younger tweeps won’t get that)

@KagutaMuseveni: Have you thought of trying other forms of headgear, like baseball cap, doorag, fedoras are in right now…

@KagutaMuseveni:  It seems that other cars are a huge nuisance to your convoy when you drive around town. How about you get a helicopter and leave us alone… I mean, and save yourself the trouble of having to siren traffic out of the way?

@KagutaMuseveni: Can you take a joke?

@KagutaMuseveni: Why isn’t your face on the money?

@KagutaMuseveni: What is Obama really like? Does he have soft hands?

@KagutaMuseveni: You are pretty old. Do you have old man breath, or don’t presidents get that?

@KagutaMuseveni: Does Janet watch Scandal?

@KagutaMuseveni: Whatever happens to Uganda man, at least we don’t allow homos, right?