MTN, I Swear. Leave Me Alone. Go Away. I Don’t Want!

MTN is still doing it. Still shufflefooting around me trying to offer me tripe through their spam SMS. It so desperate and sad. It’s like you are following me around with cold damp boiled maize in a kibbo begging me to turn round and at least consider telling you to fuck off, WHILE I’M GOING TO JAVAS.

Why would I buy maize with dysentry, when I am going for fudge cake? Hmmm? Answer me!

That’s what SMS spam has become like. Now I have them telling me to get “Cool news with pictures and text” on their site. That’s so snivelling and sad, so wet and wretched. I remember the story of a scorned suitor who resorted to flinging himself in the mud of his love’s backyard, writhing in it, and heaping clods of filth upon himself,. Purportedly this was to show her how much he wanted her love. If he had thought about it, he would have realised that this was not going to get her love. This would at most, get her attention, but that would not be the attention a suitor wants from his beloved. Because now she would be looking at a guy covered in mud while, there is a clean boy with a nice haircut and a new model Rav 4 honking outside.

The point is, MTN, don’t spam me about this, when I already know where I can go to find cool news with pictures and text on digg, reddit, tumblr, buzzfeed, and a ton of RSS feeds for whatever I need. You are wallowing in the mud here. And the rest of the internet is waiting in the new model Rav 4.