Miscellaneous and ‘Ye Is A Douche

It has been a busy week here at my keyboard. Much of import and circumstance has been uttered hence. For example, I have this week’s Bad Idea with three superfluous commas added at no extra cost. I have my own shit at Urban Legend Kampala, the legends also have their own shit at a similar venue and now, a word from our sponsors.

You know Kanye West, right? The biggest head in pop music history? Now, he makes some very good music, but in spite of, or because of, or just in addition to this, he is also a tremendous idiot.

I found a website that has tried to itemize exactly how deep the jerk-ness of Ye really is. They’ve got his 10 Most Egocentric Moments, and Taylor Swift-gate is only ONE of them.

There is also the one where he has photos of what he has referred to in the past as his “Ph.D.”

It’s all here.