Meagan Good Responds to Criticism Blue Breast Dress

First look.



This is the dress Meagan Good wore to the recent BET awards. We say “wore” because that is the word that fits in grammar, even though she clearly wasn’t wearing that much of it.

The Blue Breast Dress, as it is being referred to (but only after several unsuccessful attempts. Seriously, you can’t say that right the first time. Especially not while looking at the dress) has attracted.

Of course it has.

It has also attracted criticism because it so happens that Meagan was actually at the BET Awards to present a Gospel Music award. This is where the problem started. Meagan Good, who is married to a preacher, presenting a Gospel Music Award, in a dress with all her Meagan goods out on display? That may not be kosher as such.

Well, I for one, am not judging. I am in full support of Meagan Good. Especially since she wasn’t wearing a bra and therefore needs all the support she needs, but she recently released a statement in response to the criticism.

It is here, but fuck that statement. Me I prefer this one, which I just made up. Please read in what you think an Atlanta hoodrat accent sounds like (Don’t call Rabbin Kisti for tips.)


Anyway. The statement.

Hi, I’m Meagan Good, one a da hawtest women alive. I look so fine that I actually make niggas watch Deception even though that show just straight borin as hell.

Now, I know I recently gat into the news with y’all talkin’ bout my dress that I was wearin’ at the BET awards when I had my titties out. I lookin fine and sexy as hell all up in there. Niggas was like Oh Mea-GANDAMN! Twitter was like OMG stood for Oh Megan Good that night!

But some people be trippin and all judging, though, cos I was dressed like dat and I was handin’ over like a Gospel Music award. Y’all be judgin’ sayin it was inappropriate of me to be givin’ a Gospel Award when I was dressed like I was in a Pitbull Video.

But why y’all judgin? Why y’all so quick to judge? Can you at least hear a sista out?

It wasn’t watch y’all thinkin, okay? Furreal, I thought I was goin’ give an award to Trey Songz. I had no idea I was gon’ be givin’ out a gospel award. I mean, I am the star of Deception! Who picks the star of a show called Deception to give out a Gospel Music Award?

Furreal. I thought I was givin an award to Trey Songz or Usher or one of them R&B Dancin Sexy Flexy Ass Nucca (Word to Young Reezy) I had no idea.

When they said I was givin the award to Mary Mary I was like whuuu? I said, “Yo, Reginald Hudlin, you gatta be kiddin me. I can’t give out no Gospel Award with my titties all up out dere. Somebady gimme a raincoat or a shawl or something!”

But they just pushed me out on the podium and I just had to do it.

It ain’t my fault, aight?

End of statement

According to my workmate, Ahumuza Muhumuza here, mbu at least it was not Kirk Franklin receiving the award..