Maisha Moto: Storytellers. It’s On This 28th


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A storytellers event. This piques your curiosity, as it should because you don’t have these sorts of things happening all at once all over the place. That is why I am here. To find out and tell you all you need to know about Maisha Storytellers, this week’s plot.

I have Kampire Bahana from Maisha Labs on the line with me, and I shall now interrogate her, as follows.


Q. Mwana story ki.

The story is that I am hosting an event for storytelling next Saturday at Maisha Garden in Buziga

Q. What stories are these? Are you guys going to tell us about talking rabbits and hares and stuff like that?

Well, if you look at the line up it’s unlikely that any of these artists will be plagiarising Aesop. If so, I hope they will at least update it to be relevant to a contemporary audience. We’re expecting a wide range of original and entertaining stories from a diverse group of poets, artists, actors, writers. But I’ve left the decisions about story content up to them.
Q. Oh, you said Artists. That implies this will not be the same old guff from the dude at the kafunda who lies to us about sex he has never had. You said artists. So it is going to be a superior form of storytelling. Not just jazz fwa?
For the record, the dude at the kafunda can be very entertaining. But yes, the line up is basically a list of your faves from Kampala’s art scene, curated by me, because I am a curator (ha!)
Q. Who are these favourites? Bring some Fomo.
Well most people who follow Kampala poetry will know Jason Ntaro and Roshan Karmali. They are staples of the scene. It will be really interesting to hear Jason do prose for a change.
 I am also excited to see Philip Luswata do his thing, he is always entertaining and Xenson who is such a (I’m looking for a word that means a person who is master of several trades but my brain is failing me) is always epic. He is passionate about our local culture and history and is the person I am hoping will tie this event to our own traditions of storytelling
Q: What do we come with when we come? Will you have drinks and food?
Come with your 10k for entrance and be prepared to have your mind blown by Maisha Garden, it may be the most amazing green space we have in Kampala
We’ll be selling juice and gourmet rolex (yes, gourmet, we fancy) so you can properly appreciate the stories with a full stomach.

Now, to find out more, as you should, clickety-click the pointer on this link.