Knocking Me Sideways: Citizen Cope

Currently loving the hell out of a singer called Citizen Cope, whose music I just kind of found lying around. On the Internet. Where I was looking for it. Don’t tase me bro.

He’s one of those gangly whiteboys with dumb hairstyles and guitars. Typically they are called “Alternative” or “folk” and are marked by the ability to make decent music even in spite of the obvious impediment that is having shite vocals.

Citizen Cope not only has a limited vocal range, he also has a speech impediment, and he drags his shaggy blond hair into a puff like for a Gizza chick, so he should fit squarely into the alt/folk category except for one thing.

He’s way brilliant. Not to say the other singers who have shouldered the label mentioned are not gifted, but just to say Cope has an edge, which is that he just sounds very very unaffected. He sounds like a guy who likes playing music who just picked up a guitar and started to sing  about how he feels and what he thinks.

The irony is that this, this so anti-commercial impression I got is what has made me do this: I have just put in an order for his CD off Amazon. If I’m going to own this, I’m going to own it legally.

In any case, dude needs money for a haircut, you see?

P.S. If you are not feeling Cope, then you can have this instead.