#KlaRestaurantWeek The Aftermath

Good afternoon fat people, or at least, if not fat, fatter than you were before #KlaRestaurantWeek.

It’s over now. Sorry. Now you have to go back to the  ghetto and buy one chapu and slice it in half, one half for supper and one for breakfast.

And then dilute your mineral water with tap water to make it last longer.

I wish I could remember who I got that joke from. I laugh so much to myself every time I hear it, that fool deserves royalties. Speaking of which, don’t you miss Mununuzi?


We were talking restaurant week, the now-concluded seven days of banqueting around the city where 40 cafes, restaurants, eateries and diners threw open their doors and said, “Saunter, wander, storm and swagger in with your money and eat these special dishes so that you may also know what it’s like to be posh.”

At the end there were awards given to the restaurants by KRW organisers, Pearl Guide Uganda, these ones you see here, behind the blue letters. When the arrow changes into a hand, Henry, and you click, the internet changes from this blog to their website. Magic. Try it.


But in the meantime, let me take you through the awards.


Best Service: Cafe Java’s Kira Road.

It did not KRW there, myself, but I do know that they are the ones who had the above-pictured concoction on the menu.

You have to have good service to carry that all the way from the kitchen.

Nze I can vouch for their service on any day, though. Not just because the dark waitress with the bright red lipstick just makes even coca cola taste special, but in general.


Innovation award:WhatsApp-Image-20160614 (7)

Went to Mythos, the greek restaurant which … now, I am no gourmand (Gourmand is like an elite level of foodie. Like you know there is levels to this shit. To illustrate, a gourmand is to a foodie what I am to a newspaper journalist. Levels.) so I cannot describe it in the proper industry jargon, but I can try. Roast chicken stuffed with smoked salmon.

Dude. Fish and chicken in the same mouth at the same time. If you can pull that off, you don’t just get a KRW award in my opinion. They should give Mythos a Heroes Day medal as well.


WhatsApp-Image-20160614 (3)

Best Restaurant Ever Posh Category (Or Signature Dining Category) Went to Explorer at the Serena. I am sorry I cannot tell you anything about that because I don’t even know where it is, and never dare to explore, hah hah hah– Denzel, you can use that joke next time you MC a function– but I am sure the photo will help.


Best Restaurat Ever Normal Human Category (Casual Dining) Prunes!

WhatsApp-Image-20160614 (6)

Yeah, I agree, cos I ate there, me and The Hotness herself. We had coffee-rubbed steak and cilantro, and the itis hit so hard we just sat there counting clouds in the sky and 

Then the manager, one of the most charming men in the world from the first impression of it, gave us free cake.

Let me save some of the kb for when we go back on Friday for their live music night on Friday then I will come back and tell you everything about Prunes you should love.

WhatsApp-Image-20160614 (5)

For now. Go eat your half a chapu. If you spent all your money last week. If you didn’t, go back to the restaurants and eat more good food.