Beneath The Lies, Full Trailer Review. Get FOMO

You have heard all the lies by now. It is almost time to discover what is beneath them.

Yes, that intro was as clumsy as Rabadaba doing parkour in stiletto heels.


Beneath The Lies is a drama, action, suspense thriller that is going to premiere on Urban TV next Sunday. In preparation of the launch we have been seeing teaser trailers, and subsequently, a full trailer.


I think we should take a close analytical look at this full trailer so as to see these hot women Flavia and Sinayo and, while this is going on, the ladies can see the hot men where applicable to them and all of us can learn what to expect on that eventual Sunday


Roll it.


Deedan and Flavia break up in da club like whoooooo! We gonna git turnt! Actually, no. They walk in with sinister intent as if whatever is about to happen in that club is more likely to end up on the news than in the chorus of a Chris Brown song. (1)

Deedan says “Get the hell out” and I am very impressed. It takes a skilled actor to say “fuck your fucking ass the fuck out of here” without using the actual word fuck.

Seriously, you heard “get the hell out of here” but we all know, from the tone, inflexion, cadence, rhythm and posture what she really meant.

I think she is going to be the gangsta element in this drama.



Gaetano and Flavia have found a little cosy nook to be sexual in. There is some very advanced camera trickery, make up, CGI and stunt shooting going on because Flavia rises as if on top toe to kiss Gae. (2)

Of where. Shyaa. Gaetano is not that tall. I am not saying Gaetano is short, but he is gets to the point without unnecessary delays. I am not saying Gaetano is short, but he is succinct and precise. I am not saying Gaetano is short, but his shadow doesn’t go that far. Ain’t no Flavia has to rise to kiss him.


(Kale and then after all this shit talking I go and find that Gaetano is actually taller than me…The way it turned out that my eyes are actually larger than Flavia’s. Really, I have big eyes. In school they called me Froggy.) (3)

Cut to Cedric looking badass and Walter White and in equal parts incensed and incredulous. Like he can’t believe it either.

His wife, played by Flavia, had to get up on tip toes to kiss Gaefivefooter? Wapi. Of where. Since when. How comes that.

Things are getting even more Tarantino now.


Cut to that scene we saw in the first teaser where Salvado makes Lukoma cry by telling her how much Obsessions began to earn AFTER she left their crew. (1)

Rabadaba grabs Deedan by the throat as if to commit premeditated assault. Why? Did she accidentally call him KS Alpha? (6)

Here comes Sinayo. Oh the pixels on my led screen. She has a gun! And she is wearing a Superman tshirt! And her name is Natasha like Natasha Romanov aka black widow aka my favourite member of The Avengers. I need to watch Beneath The Lies! I am sold! (7)

The show is starting on July 31st and I will be here to recap it like a bawse, and I will even manage to chuck for Omara. It is not easy to come up with the courage to do that, but are we men or mice? I will dig deep and find within me the strength I need to find a way of chucking for Daniel Omara. (4)

In the meantime, here is the trailer in full that you need to get into the fomo, so that you can also get excited to see Sinayo shoot people like Denzel in Training Day.