Kill Your Bundle: Young Cardamon and HAB, South African Toons and The Man Behind House

I can be your hero baby
I can take away your MBs
I am here to help you make the most of your smartphone life, cos you can’t be on a smartphone and still not stream the best videos and audios as if you are on this guy

Hook up your data, squash the card and let’s ride



I met these guys briefly at Xfm offices, where I lurk and linger all day because KK And Maritza.
They walked in on the evening. Now, by seven pm my mind is basically 80% coffee, 40% stress, and zero percent enough focus to do proper maths, so I tried to act cool like the man I am but the song had been playing on repeat on my computer all day.  My synapses were not in sync with my coolness. How was I to pretend I was not star struck?
When they left I signed my own boob.

Play this song.


Noko Mashaba:

I imagine this is what it’s like when Kansiime performs in Lusaka. You don’t really get every single word but you find yourself still laughing as if you understood. That is what this South African cartoon had me feeling.

And then just when you were looking funny and grinning, they bung in an essential message about treating people right, and just being a decent person to other people.


Mr Laurie:

Now let us tuck our teeth back in for a minute. Hugh Laurie. Love the dude. Always have.
Even before he nailed it as House, I enjoyed his gormless gibbering character in Blackadder
And then he writes, too! And it was one of those really good books. The kind which you buy after the first paragraph. people borrow and don’t return so you have to rebuy it because you can’t live without it. Then someone comes and borrows that.

Screenshot 2016-06-10 at 1.39.50 PM - Edited
And then he is a musician. He plays with other small screen stars in a group called Get This
Band From TV.
And through it all he still comes across as an unaffected unassuming dude who just wakes up, goes to jobbo, does it well and goes home.

Please enjoy this, his Dessert Island Discs interview with the BBC.