Kill Your Bundle: Navio Raps, Kim Tries To Pull, The Best of Uganda’s Internet

Always remember that hard times don’t last. Hard people do. And hard papers don’t. There is a time limit in exams. If the questions look like they came from outers space and the only information you have in your head has no place on the paper, and you know so much, so immutably aware are you, that you are flunking this exam, look forward beyond the present. Realise that there will be a bell that will ring soon. And then you can get out of the exam room. The paper is over. Your life of failure can begin.
Hard times don’t last.

Anyway, it’s Friday, and what I like to do on this day is help the people empty their bundles with the best internet Uganda has to offer. So check this out.

Martha Smalls is one of the finest singers in MP3 format. Then Flex The Paper, whose name is actually spelt with a single letter instead of the article “the” but I am not a young man, I don’t do that. He is dope, though. I mean, I am here refusing to spell his name the way he wants it spelled, but at the same time I am enjoying his writing like sos?
Now add on kko Navio, and why don’t you bump this jam yourself?





DOWNLOAD: Day Ones – Flex D’Paper ft. Navio & Martha Smallz


In other news, this boy Kim, aka Kim Irakiza, aka this boy here, this is an upcoming amateur local homegrown movie initiative featuring an amateur local initiative to get a girl’s number at Makerere University.
Kim is perpetuating stereotypes of Campus girls.
You have to see this.



Now do not tell me that stuff of simanyi my data my bundle. One K of Airtel will sort you out with all this goodness.

Never ever ever say you live a life where one thousand shillings of data becomes a significant budgetary issue. You must ALWAYS be able to blow one k.