Kill Your Bundle: DJ Kampire Tribal Mix, Meet Kiizigo and Read My Book

Have you ever danced naked in the compound of your residential apartment set up? It can be done very easily. Especially if you wait until around 4:00am
If there has been an electricity outage then you can even do it earlier.

This is DJ Kampire of Ntinda and this is a tribal mix of kidandali from various countries in Africa. This shit right here? It will give you life. And excitement. And if you are lucky, it will make you feel very strongly like taking off your clothes going outside and attempting to dance your bare ass off.



We used to… Well I used to call ourselves the Unusual Businessmen. We were the one who would help produce Business Unusual with Daniel Omara.

This dude right here was the editor, coproducer, sidekick and occasional stand in for Mr Omara himself.
This is his latest project.
Prepare your lols.



Finally, let me promote myself also. I have a brief but excellent novellette called The Adventures Of Chandler and Frasier that is now on sale for the low price of you sharing the link and telling a friend about it if you enjoy it. Download the pdf here and read it off your phone during your traffic jam, office meeting, boring lecture, sentence hearing, date with boring blesser or pleasant evening at home with a glass of wine and some jazz.



So get to Annet the Airtime chick, and tell her to give you an two k card and then squash it and load up and have a blast. If you load your bundle with airtel money you get a fifty percent bonus, so you will even blast more.

By the way, this whole post was done on my new 4g mifi. I am so proud of myself.