Kenya Police CPL Linda Akello is A Sign Of Development

I grew up in Kenya during the Moi days. If you do not know who Moi is, first of all, you are a tadpole, a little tadpole, and secondly, he was the biggest TV star in the eighties and nineties.

Now, back then Kenya was not yet as awesome as it is now, and all we had were dreams and aspirations of development. These dreams were fueled by TV, where, when Moi was not hogging the screen opening clinics and urging the youth to shun neocolonialist mentalities and sexytimes, we would see dramas and comedies imported from America and the UK.

It was these shows that gave us our image of what it would be like to be developed countries. We would have all the things they had on the telly. Yeah. We would even be able to speak with italics (like saying “I do know the meaning of italics. This maneuver can be quite tricky to native Africans) and to use sarcasm.

One type of those shows was the cop show. And one aspect of those cop shows was the female cops. And one aspect of those female cops was that they were all hot.


So, naturally, people who grew up in those days came to expect development to come with sexy lady cops.

Now, at a time when the Kenyan economy is poised for a rebasing exercise that could reveal its GDP as being the fourth largest in Africa, potentially making Kenya a middle income country and no longer a broke developing nation, how can Tight Up Skirt cop be blamed as if she has done anything wrong? She is merely ahead of the wave. Kenya is developed, like her curvy butt, and developed countries have sexy lady cops.


Nyayo, baby.