#Keep Quiet . But After We Yap

Winnie Byanyima is a mature and sensible person who made the common mistake mature and sensible people make of thinking that twitter is a forum for mature and sensible people.

Where they go and exchange thoughts and ideas as intellectuals.

Of course, LOL, #Sowrong #OfWhere #Sincewhen

Twitter is like a human anatomy model with the insides upside down, so that the alimentary canal is inverted and the rectum opens into the mouth. As in niggas be talking shit on twitter.

Twitter is a place where you can be intelligent if you want. But in the same way you can wear a Donna Versache designer Gomesi to a Gravity Omutujju album launch if you want. You will still be out of place.

You know when they say you should not argue with a fool because he or she will bring you down to their level? Twitter is that level.

Twitter is a place where Kanye West thrives.

So Mrs B. innocently walked in,

Mrs B. Mrs Byanyima. What did you think I meant?

Mrs Byanyima innocently walked in looking to exchange ideas with open-minded thinkers expressing themselves in a free forum, and instead someone scooped a handful of decomposing goat oblongatta from his skull and flung it in her direction.

AgGNzXWQmI3VhvcCWYkoGEgnZkQpUw1GdV0ilOhe9Oo0 - Edited

She replied:

AgGNzXWQmI3VhvcCWYkoGEgnZkQpUw1GdV0ilOhe9Oo0 - Edited

And everybody was like:


Except for me. I was quite disappointed.


A succinct, precise reply that summarily shuts down the dispute? What? No no no. That is too mature and sensible. No. That is not what I downloaded VPN for.

Twitter is supposed to be about:

Personal insults and homophobia



Make the argument even sillier
Make the argument even sillier



Call your gangos to turn this flame war into a forest fire.
Call your gangos to turn this flame war into a forest fire.

Or you could just do what I do.  Steal their photos and make memes out of them.


Of course that is not going to happen because Winnie, but kasita Twitter still has thugs like me on it.