Jack Reacher, House Of Lies, House Of Cards: Reviews



Starring: Tom Cruise, Violence, Guns

By Tom Rwahwire


There was something which I used to call The Tom Cruise Effect. In a nutshell, Tom Cruise is not really my favourite actor. But it shocks me how many of my favourite movies just happen to be Tom Cruise movies. From Top Gun to A Few Good Men to Interview With A Vampire to Colour of Money, Rain Man, Magnolia even Valkyrie … I mean this son of a bitch just keeps showing up in good movies.


And it is not just because he is “verstatile” it is because of how versatile he is. Tom Cruise plays a great badass. I mean, that is how you know he is a great actor. He is a shrimp pipsqueak prettyboy with weird religions who jumps on people’s sofas because he got a ka-youngagal and yet he acts in movies and convinces you that he can kill you just by wanting to.

In Jack Reacher he tells some bad guys on the phone that he is coming to end their asses and you totally believe that he will do it. And not because star taffa but because of the way he says it.

Okay, this is what happens. A crazy guy goes and gets a sniper rifle and shoots like half a dozen people at random. When he is arrested instead of a confession he writes, “Call Tom Cruise’s Character, Jack Reacher”, who happens to be a former hotshot military lawyer/military police detective/unarmed combat expert. Reacher arrives and solves the case in a very engrossing and entertaining way, using cool dialogue, badass, intelligence and intense looks and even Robert Duvall, who just shows the fuck up I don’t even know how.

Watch this movie. It is a good one.



In my opinon, which is the one that matters when I am doing reviews, Kevin Spacey is one of the most watchable people on a screen. The other one is Don Cheadle. And both of them are on TV now. With shows about houses in which they look at the screen and talk to us who are watching them, thus making us see how magnetic they are.




Cheadle is a sleazy management consultant, but after watching this show  you will conclude that saying “sleazy management consultant” is like saying “fecal shit” or “murder that resulted in death”. He leads a team of conmen who go around detoothing companies out of large amounts of money by “management-consulting” them. Because nobody will be dying to watch a show whrere all people do is management consult, even if it is Don Cheadle doing it, we also have a lot of personal drama going on around-around, like backstabbing, and treachery, and a lot of fornication and quips and through all this, Cheadle talking to the camera.


You know how you were all so like gripped when you say 24 at how they made a show about taking over the US government? And then they made Homeland and you moaned again? You will love this. Spacey is a sleazy politician, but is so good at it that there are people who don’t even realize that he is sleazy. The show starts with him finding out that  the newly-elected president has snaked him and decided not to appoint him Secretary Of State as they had agreed. Spacey smiles, and says, “Oh, okay, I understand,” but he does it in the way that workmate of yours does, when she says “It’s okay” and you know the bitch is so going to poison your coffee when you are not looking.

And poison the coffee he does. From episode one, Spacey is busy destroying the government. Words like Machiavellian and machinations and muthafucking evil come to mind. And all the while you can’t stop watching because it is Kevin Spacey!